Royal Bounty HD Beta Available

To make Palm Kingdoms 3 available to you a bit faster, we’ve started taking pre-orders & beta-testing Royal Bounty HD! You get instant beta access for Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

What is Royal Bounty HD?

It is a spin-ff with a huge adventure map. Think of it as early access to “Palm Kingdoms 2.5” - still with Palm Kingdoms 2 gameplay, but with PK3 engine and interface. 

Why pre-order Royal Bounty HD?

- You will help us beta-test Palm Kingdoms 3

- It is available for Windows, Mac, and Android (iOS final version will be avaialable a bit later).

- This purchase grants you a free release version for Android, Windows, and Mac OS.

- It is totally inexpensive. Only $2.00

- You can suggest us how to improve the game while it is still in development.

- Your support is very important. 

Palm Kingdoms 3 is coming!

Yeah, PK3 is coming!

Very soon we will begin granting early access to Palm Kingdoms 3 with tons of new features.

If you are interested and would like to purchase early access to Palm Kingdoms for Android, Desktop Windows or Mac OS X as soon, as possible, please click image.

For $14.99 you will get:


  • Immediate lifetime access to Android, Desktop Windows, Mac OS X beta builds of Palm Kingdoms 3
  • An updated version of Royal Bounty epic adventure map, adapted for the new Palm Kingdoms 3 map format and game rules
  • Access to the development insights
  • Final version of Palm Kingdoms 3 for Windows, Mac and Android DRM-free as soon as it is finished!
  • A Steam key for the desktop version of Windows / Mac version


If you are interested in purchasing early access to a playable Palm Kingdoms 3 Beta on Android, Windows and Mac for $14.99, please subscribe image and we will get you notified!

What about the iOS version? There is no possibility to release a beta version to Apple Appstore, but don’t worry! If you purchase the early access to PK3, we will supply you with a free unique map pack for Palm Kingdoms 3 as soon as it is released for the iOS. You will get your promocode via email. Subscribe image


These continents await exploration!

Want to know more about the upcoming features? 

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